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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Tree ... It's *sparking* ! Tesla Xmas Tree

As I searched for an interesting steampunk find for this week, I came across this, and said, "cool," out loud.
Now that I think about it further, this is the ideal time of year to pay homage to the master manipulator of electricity, Nikola Tesla.  This gentleman does so in grand fashion ... by creating holiday icons out of electricity!

The Tesla coil was invented in 1861.  The display above was created by medical doctor Peter Terren, whose "electrickery" experiments are known the world over.

In Terren's own words,"It looks unreal but there is no "photoshopping" anywhere on this website. All my photos are single exposures with very little post processing ie real photos.  The effects come from doing things during the exposure which can be striking particularly if the source of sparks have shifted or rotated."

The trees and stars are very impressive, but wait, there's more.  On other sections of his site, TeslaDownunder, you will find even more images of amazing and beautiful tesla experiments such as the Tesla car antitheft device and the Tesla antivirus ring for your laptop. Really!

The site also has info on lasers, LED's, pretty Jacob's Ladders, magnets, and even rail guns.

I think Tesla would be very proud and amazed at what Peter has made his invention do.  When you see all the strands of lights this December, remember the pioneers who made it possible!

~ DS


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