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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Steampunk Couture

Steampunk Couture - Lady Grey Dress for sale on Etsy

As the fall season approaches and makes wearing corsets and luxurious draping fabrics more attractive, it feels like the time to speak once more of steampunk fashion!

Maker Steampunk Couture published a beautiful video of a spring collection, but have more recent items for sale in this Etsy store; jewelry, dresses, vintage-looking bottles, pritned images, and more. (I have not personally dealt with Steampunk Couture, but almost 1200 positive feedbacks means they are probably a safe place to buy some choice steampunk goods.) The video may inspire some ideas for the handy do-it-youselfer, as well.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Puzzle Me This: Free Steampunk Computer Puzzle Game

While searching for new and unusual things this week, I discovered a maddening computer game, and just had to share!

Armor Games has created a steampunk-themed puzzle game, and offers it free to play here.  The beginning levels seem too easy, but they are supposed to show one how to achieve the goals: set the hero upright and level on the ground, and jettison the villain off of the scene.

If you enjoy endeavors that challenge your mind bit, then this might be something to try for a minute or thirty.


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