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Monday, April 23, 2012

Free Steampunk Sewing Tutorial Videos from Lastwear

     If you desire to learn some fancy stitching or want to see what "Dress for the Apocalypse" entails, Lastwear can help you out.  They currently have an under-bust vest, a pair of cargo steeplejacks, and a Pinkerton vest for sale on their site.
     One of my readers (thanks, Rhissana!) let me know that the company had decided to no longer offer free patterns for their garments; at least when I checked today, the videos on particular sewing techniques are still accessible. Just scroll down on their site, past the pattern section.

How to sew Flat Cap, Welt Pocket, Flat Felled and French Seams:
Sewing Tutorial Videos


(Edit: I changed this post by removing reference to Lastwear's open source clothing/pattern business model, as they decided that they were losing money by offering their patterns for free. (People often made the garments to sell, rather than for personal use, as well.) I thought I had discovered a good place for steampunk sewing ideas; I will add links to other sites if I find more in the future.)  Have a favorite steampunk sewing site?  Leave a comment with a link! 


  1. Apparently, I turned up 4 days too late and they no longer do open source, at least for the time being. Bother!

  2. I appreciate you letting me know that they changed. I altered (no pun intended!) the post to simply mention the sewing tutorial videos, which appear to still function; they yet may be of use to someone. That's what I get for queuing a post for a couple of weeks! Ah well.



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