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Thursday, April 26, 2012

"Dishonored" - Steampunk First-Person Shooter

Screenshot from "Dishonored"
      Coming in 2012 to PC, Xbox360 and PS3, Dishonored provides a way to immerse oneself in an alternative world where technology is used by the ruling class to repress and obliterate those who would threaten their power - or their survival.
     In the game, your character is Corvo, bodyguard to the murdered Empress. Held responsible for her death, Corvo must escape prison and put right the demented order in the rat-plagued Victorianesque city of Dunwall.

For more details about gameplay and such, this article on Forbes.com describes it admirably. This game does seem a decent way to get stunning visuals and plenty of action, without getting one's vest or bustle greasy.


  1. Just showed this to Hubby! We may be getting this. Thanks for the heads up, we didn't even know this game was on the horizon.

  2. Excellent! I know I like games that are a little different, so it seemed a good one to report. Hopefully it will actually be published, and not lost in the black hole into which some video games vanish. It seems that if they give an actual release date, it is far enough along in the process of development that it is safe to get excited about it. =) Do let me know how you like it, if you do play it. I may not get it, as I already have too many games I play right now. lol



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