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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Offerings from The Team of Steam - recent items from the Etsy Steam Team

I like to promote items and makers besides myself, as there are so many amazingly creative steampunk artists out there, and many are on the Etsy Steam Team (and so am I!). The Etsy Steam Team is a coalition of very talented artists who make unique steampunk items of all sorts; without further ado, here are a few selections created by EST members.

Copper Bald Eagle Necklace, OsteoOsophy

 In this shop, you will find animal skull pendants/necklaces cut from recycled copper printing plates by White Raven Arts.

Mechanica Folium Aranea - CatherinetteRings
Daniel Proulx a.k.a.CatherinetteRings has posted an addition to his collection of steampunk-inspired spiders for sale on Etsy.  This splendid arachnid will set you back $1500, should you choose to purchase it.

Miniature handmade journal - DeathMau studios
DeathMau has a splendid shop filled with many handmade journals. Prices seem to range quite reasonably from $15-50 for pendant journals to full-sized versions in which to pen your secrets.

I hope you have enjoyed these selections, and will investigate the shops of these EST members at your leisure. Cheers!


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