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Friday, March 18, 2011

James Corbett's Car Part Animals

Squirrel, by James Corbett

No, this is not grafting gears onto deceased fauna, for once.  Australian James Corbett creates animals from car parts, once they tell him what they want to be!  One can find his work on his own site and on dozens of others.  He even has a few for sale, including a feisty kitty.

This article tells of his journey from a wrecking-yard/auto recycling business owner to an acclaimed artist, and has many photos of his animal sculptures.  The British John Davies Gallery currently features Corbett's artwork, as well.  The artist leaves the parts as intact as possible, saying that he wants people to recognize the individual automobile components which comprise each sculpture.

Powerperformancenews.com conducted an interview with an interview with James Corbett, which you can peruse here.

Steampunk? Sure. Lots of time and effort?  Certainly.


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