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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Steampunk Tattoo Designs

So you want to show the world your dedication to what might be in the world of NeverWas?  Then you too can have your body modified to shout, "Steampunk lives!"
What am I going on about?
Steampunk Tattoos!

by French artist Stephane Chaudesaigues
     Of course, if you fancy getting one done, you should be sure that it is something you want to look at for the rest of your life.  All the standard warnings and nay-sayings about getting a tattoo understood and aside, IMO you could do a lot worse than a well-drawn steampunk-themed image on your skin.  (Check out this site for Q&A about the process and how to avoid the most common mistakes when getting a tattoo.)

Photos from WebUrbanist.com. Second photo from right, bottom, tattoo by Anil Gupta.

    Here is an article that contains even more images for your consideration and inspiration:

For even more ideas and photos 
of steampunk tattoo designs, please see:  

Even if you shudder at the thought of needles and pain, you may be able to use these ideas in some other fashion such as engraving, painting, sewing, or sketching.   Enjoy!



  1. Steampunk design is alive and kicking, just look on the web and you'll find awesome inspiration and fantastic designs. Take a look at Steampunk Tattoo Designs for great info on Steampunk tattoos.

  2. I want that full sleeve tattoo design. Does anybody know the artist who did it?

  3. The photos came from WebUrbanist.com, so perhaps they would know who the artist was. Or another one of my readers just might know. I will also try to find out, and will post if I do.

  4. SteamPunk sleeve is done by French artist Stephane Chaudesaigues



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