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Monday, March 12, 2012

Got Ink? Steampunk Tattoo Designs, Part 2

Steam Swallow by Tattoos and Doodles

      Since the single post regarding steampunk tattooos is the single most viewed post of all time on my entire web site, I decided to bring you more ideas and share some photos of steampunk/biomechanical tattoos that I really like.
     The designs labeled with the artist "Tattoos and Doodles" may be used under the Creative Commons license, that is, it may be shared and modified as long as you correctly attribute credit to the author/artist, and as long as you share your own derived work under the same terms.
     So yes, you can have those four designs tattooed on your body, legally.  Enjoy.

Steamoboros dragon tattoo design from Tattoos and Doodles

Another gear tattoo from Tattooos and Doodles

Gear tattoo from Tattoos and Doodles

Now for some tattoos that simply came from the web. As usual, the origins of the photos are often not given. (If you know who did the designs/inking in an unlabeled photo, please let me know by leaving a comment.)

Shoulder tattoo by Stefano Alcantara

by Russ Abbott of Ink and Dagger Studio, Decatur GA USA

by Russ Abbott

by Russ Abbott

by Russ Abbott

Possibilities... from tat-designs.com

I hope that these have offered some inspiration. Want more ideas?  Tat-designs.com has a dozen more steampunk tat design ideas.

 If I can find the design I want and figure out where to have it done (where on me and what establishment/artist can do it properly), I will probably end up with another tattoo; this time it will be steampunk.


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