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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Rather Unofficial Girl Genius Day 2012 News and Poll!

A happy Girl Genius Day to you all!

Perhaps unofficially, as my research has not found out if January 12th, 2012 is to be a repeat of 2011's public merry-making and steampunk celebration.  January 12th, 2011 was declared by the Foglios to be Girl Genius Day, as well as Kaja Foglio's birthday and the release date of their wildly popular (and excellent) novel, Agatha H. and the Airship City.

This year, it seems that the Foglios are attending the Arisia con out on the East coast. From their calendar:
"Arisia '12
When: Jan 12 – 16, 2012
Where: Westin Boston Waterfront Hotel/ Boston, MA (map)
Description: A fine science-fiction convention held in the frozen north. Science fiction conventions tend to be more literary (when they're not all about Dr. Who).  Boston is a charming city with the worst drivers in America, and that takes some doing. There are many fine museums and seafood restaurants."
The sequel to the first Agatha novel is slated for availability this month.  If you are a GG fan and have not read the first book yet, I highly recommend it; I obtained it for the Kindle, and enjoyed it very much. If books do not appeal to you at this time,you may wish to peruse the Girl Genius wiki, here.

So, happy birthday, Kaja! And readers, if you wish, vote for your favorite Girl Genius characters in the poll posted on my blog in celebration of the many years of wonderful steampunk comics that the Foglios have given us!  (If your favorite is not listed, please leave a comment and tell us who is!)

Results of the poll, "who is your favorite GG character?":

 4 (12%)
  2 (6%)
  0 (0%)
The Castle
  3 (9%)
  1 (3%)
  1 (3%)
  0 (0%)
  2 (6%)
  1 (3%)
Baron Wulfenbach
  1 (3%)
Bangladesh DuPree
  0 (0%)
the Jagermonsters
 5 (15%)
Othar Tryggvassen
  1 (3%)
Von Pinn
  0 (0%)
  1 (3%)
The Other
  1 (3%)
the clanks
  2 (6%)
  2 (6%)
someone else!
 6 (18%)

Votes so far: 33
Poll closed


  1. What fun! Many many years ago, the husband & I had the pleasure of playing our (then) new card game, Overthrone, with them at a tradeshow. Super nice folks!

  2. I would love to meet them someday. I have heard from so many people that the Foglios are as much fun as their comics, and I think those are fantastic!



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