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Friday, February 10, 2012

Heavy Metal Animals III

Once again, it is time for the most recent photos from the recycling facility. I present ... Heavy Metal Animals III!

I have found out more about the contest that gave rise to many of the sculptures I have mentioned in past posts.  "The Junque Yard Sculpture contest is held to increase recycling awareness in local communities and to showcase the talent of local college art and welding students." Though, according to the employees I have asked, the contest has been discontinued as of 2010, I see "new" pieces each time I venture downtown to dispose of my recycling, possibly from local art classes. Here are my photos of a few of them.

cat from the March 2009 Junque Yard contest
unicycle (almost), chair, and toothed creature
Some new friends

Old friends (the chain dog may be “Springer Spaniel” by Zoe Alexandra from Georgia Southwestern State University)

Rib Cage and Mounted Pachyderm Head?

a heart of steel, steampunk style
I really wish to name the artists of as many sculptures as I can, but the information I have found often has nothing but a list of the piece title and the artist, without pictures. The best find I have had so far was a gallery of contest winner photos on Facebook.  Another good source was American Recycler Newspaper; there I found mention of the 2008 contest, and have identified two of my favorite sculptures that I mentioned in Heavy Metal Animals and Heavy Metal Animals II.  Yay!


  1. Contact Laurel Robinson and Chuck Wells in the Art Department at Georgia Southwestern State University. Many of these pieces were produced by their students.

    1. Thank you for the info, I will try to do that!



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