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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Goggles in the Works!

     My goggles are progressing, bit by bit!  Though I have been fighting a nasty sinus problem which has made me see double for over a week (makes typing VERY interesting/frustrating, and driving even more so), I have gathered the materials together and also started experimental assembly.
     The upper left pic shows several belts I bought at Goodwill for $1.50 each, the plastic pipe part I will cut the ends off of to hold the glass for the lenses in place, and the "washers" to go between pipe threads and glass.  In the upper right pic you can see the circles of glass that I cut and shaped by hand, along with the parts seen in the previous photo.
     The last pic shows the remnants of a soft leather purse I also bought for about $3; the leather is supple and yet sturdy.
     The belts may not be wide enough to use on their own as eye cups, but I may end up using them as a rigid base and then cover them with the thin leather and other accouterments that I have in mind to make these unique.
     I like unique!  =)

Edit:  As I have found inspiration and made progress on these, I decided I might not use the little plastic rings to pad between the glass and the metal ring at all.  The leather will hold the glass in, and it will look better without it.  Maybe.  Hrmm. 


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