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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pocket Watch Robot... continued

I am going to make a concerted effort to continue work on my poor little pocket watch robot. Things have gotten a bit crazy recently, and it got put on the back steam generator, as it were.

The last big thing I did was completely strip all of the paint off of the entire piece.
After weeks of painting and finger-crossing that it would cure up, I finally decided to start over.

Good thing, too, because when I removed the paint, I discovered that the very first layer was still wet and gooey! Grr.

With more than a few choice words, I finished up sanding and scraping, then added a coat of the only real metal primer I had, which is rust-colored. I hope that does not bite me in the butt later.

Soooo... I need to look at the main part again, and decide how to proceed, paint-wise. The the paint on the pieces for the arms and legs seems to be fine. If I want to stay with that color. *sigh*

Here is a link to what it will almost look like (picture taken after the very first coat of paint, before I stripped all of the several layers of paint off and started over) .  There are no embellishments or joint pieces in this pic.

Pocket Watch Robot, take one


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