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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Forewarned is Forearmed! Steampunk Armor For Sale on Etsy

When you need innovative protection from your enemies (or unhappy friends!), look no further. I have found some most excellent sources for you to purchase fine leather and metal goods created by masterful craftsmen. Some are famous, some perhaps will be quite soon; all certainly have talent!

Dr. Grimmelore Superior Replacement Arm by Thomas Willeford (Lord Featherstone)/Brute Force Studios 

This is indeed the famous armor worn on ABC's "Castle" and also by Lady Clankington in the infamous steampunk poster. Things to know about this item: your order will be custom made in about six months, you can choose a theme, a leather, and a metal, and each arm weighs 10 pounds.

 Combat Tesla Armor Mk II by TheEdmondSteamworks

Things to know about this armor: made of copper, leather, and brass, much of which is bullet casings, and it is for a small or medium-sized person.

Deluxe Steampunk Wings, by Bionic Concepts 
If, gods of wind and cloud forbid, you should need to beat a hasty retreat, these large fantastic mechanized wings will aid your departure.  Things to know about the wings: powered by CO2 cartridges and 8 AA batteries, they have a six foot wingspan, and they are controlled by a hand-held control pad.

Deluxe Aether Fist Armor by Aetheranvil
Things to know about this item: the cuff is 16" by 6", the leather has been well-sealed with wax, and a 9v battery is included to power the disk. The maker also has a video of the disk functioning.

I hope you have enjoyed these selections of personal protection gear. Safety first!


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