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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Breaking News: Hummingbirds Spark FREE SHIPPING Offer!

 (My main feeder on the evening of a previous year, full of thirsty ruby-throateds! they emptied a 36-ounce feeder at least once per day.)

Just saw my first hummingbird of the 2010 season at my feeder!  Yay!  I just adore the little guys.

To celebrate their arrival, and for my blog readers, if you make a $50 total purchase from my shop and enter DREAMSTEAM50FS, you will receive free shipping to the US and Canada; this offer will be in effect until I decide it is not.  (Aren't you glad you read this?) =)

Use code DREAMSTEAM50FS at checkout to redeem this offer in my steampunk jewelry shop located at DreamSteam on ArtFire

Thank you for supporting handmade!


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