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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Photos from the New Jersey 2010 Steampunk World's Fair and info on 2011 fair

 For your enjoyment... images of the finely-attired folk who gathered to celebrate steampunk.

East coasters, and all coasters, be sure to check out the plans for next year's
2011 NJ Steampunk Worlds' Fair!  It will be held in Somerset, NJ May 20th-22nd, 2011!  Pre-registration is now open.

A convention closer in the timeline is VCON in Vancouver BC this October 2010.  "Steampunk: from Alchemy to Zeppelins" is their motto.  The guest list looks quite exciting!

When: October 1–3, 2010
Where: Vancouver Airport Marriott
"VCON is the oldest general-interest science fiction and fantasy convention in Canada and the Pacific Northwest. The convention has promoted the interests of science fiction and fantasy fan culture in Vancouver BC and its environs since 1971, offering events and exhibits focused on a variety of Science Fiction and Fantasy fandom interest areas such as literature, art, media, music, costumes, comics, games, etc."

Have a picture of your steampunk self or convention photos you would like to add here? Join the blog and post a link through comments!


  1. hey thanks for posting about Steampunk Worlds Fair! it's actually being held in Somerset NJ in 2011- just about 5 miles up the street from last year :)

    aka "Whisper"

  2. You are quite welcome. Thank you for the correction!



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