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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

"Girl Genius" Wins Another Hugo Award!

Congratulations to Phil and Kaja Foglio, creators of the steampunk webcomic Girl Genius, on their second straight Hugo award for Best Graphic Story!

I have been a reader of their works for years, and am thrilled that their astounding artwork has again been recognized. If you have not seen the Girl Genius comic, I highly recommend starting at the beginning and reading all the way through!  The story alone is worth the time, but the drawing and colorization puts it over the top as a brilliant work of art.   They also have links to their other wonderful online comic stories: Buck Godot- Zap Gun for Hire, MythAdventures (based on Robert Asprin's Myth novels), and What's New with Phil & Dixie (published in Dragon Magazine in the 1980's).  Yes, I have read them all the way through, and adore them all.

One may notice that they have advertisements by the service Project Wonderful on their pages; I have run ads for my endeavors (shops and blog) there for a long time, with great success in terms of traffic generated.  Once, I wrote to Kaja herself, thanking her for the opportunity to reach so many steampunk fans and asking her to visit my humble jewelry studio, as she is a connoisseur of the style (I received a response from a nice team member, as I imagine they get oodles of email).  If it were not for their comics, steampunk and otherwise, I probably would have gotten 80% less shop traffic than I have; indeed, the destiny of their comics and mine are intertwined, as long as I can afford to advertise on their sites!

So, hip-hip-hooray!  And here's to many, many more successes for the Airship Entertainment empire.  You may wish to read an interview with Phil Foglio on the subject of their success.


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