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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Darkened Heart of The Sunken Library - Mad Science Investigated

"Lee's case, open"  from Darkened Heart
   Delve into the world of mad science of yore!

       For many months, a reliable source at The Darkened Heart has been sharing extensive documentation of a fascinating journey into the unusual and macabre through the eyes of an intern historical investigator and scientist.  In the words of the writer, "This site is a reflection of what I found when I followed the ... bread-crumbs far enough into the Smithsonian archives. What follows is a true account, or as true as I can make with no budget and little time."  The results are truly spellbinding!

      The industrious intern provides us with scans of found documents which accompany and detail the relics that dwell in the basement of the Smithsonian museum.   There can be found colorful jars with probable body parts preserved inside (but from what creature or parts, it cannot be said), deadly weapons, medical instruments, potions with unspeakable powers and purposes, and dilapidated carrying cases which held said relics until they were opened and revealed to the world once more.

      For example, the description of the above photograph reads so:
     Inside, the box is crammed near-to-bursting with medical equipment and sample jars. It’s going to take some time to inventory all of this junk. There’s no sign of  mold, but the box’s interior sealed in a strange musky stink. The smell is oddly familiar, it reminds me of the Chesapeake at low tide.

        The intern also speculates about the found items and how they were used, backing up sound hypotheses by scientific testing of the objects when the intern has the materials and is able to do so without unwanted supervision by the guards.  Letters shared with the reader tell of outbreaks, experiments, and the unique history surrounding it all.
      I certainly hope that the intrepid intern will continue to survive the assignment (yes, survive!) and continue to provide insight into the instruments and minds of the scientists and medical madmen who once conducted their experiments in secret.   I highly recommend this riveting narrative; it is perfect for when you may wish to pour a draught of absinthe and cozy up to the fire for a dose of mystery ....

~ DreamSteam


  1. Thanks for the write up!

    1. Of course!
      I am glad to see that your pages are still there, even if you have not been able to create more, recently. The artifacts and photography are wonderful!



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