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Friday, October 8, 2010

Elegant Stamped Brass and Gear Earrings and Collections on ArtFire

I have two things to report in this post, both happy!  The first heralds some new jewelry, and the other has to do with the recognition my shop and pieces have received recently.

While trying a new technique for joining metal jewelry components together, I created these elegant earrings.  They include the detailed solid brass stampings, brass watch gears, amber Swarovski crystal beads, and 24 karat gold ear wires.  They are for sale on ArtFire

Among the features of the ArtFire site, there is one called "Collections."  People can choose their favorite items from the shops on AF.  (This is the same as "Treasuries" on Esty, but on ArtFire, artists may choose to be notified when their items have been included in one, which is very nice.)  Visitors may view and also vote on the collections; here are some of the collections which have featured my items in the last month or so:

ArtFire Collections Featuring Steampunk Jewelry by DreamSteam:

It is interesting (and sometimes surprising) to see which of my items people have chosen to include in their collections.  When they choose the pieces of which I am most proud, it makes me feel great.  I am very grateful for the recognition.  

If you would like to see the collections that I have curated, you may go here; they will not all be steampunk in nature, but will represent the best of the subject matter I could find.

I hope you enjoy seeing what other people have selected from the AF site; if you like the collections (or my jewelry!) and wish to share via social media, the standard options of Facebook, Twitter, RSS, and more are available for easy clicking on the left side of the collection page.  Thank you! 


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