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Friday, December 17, 2010

"Dreadful Courtship" - The Steampunk Lady Gaga

Just for a tiny break from the holiday rush and stress...

     [info]fera_festiva of LiveJournal brings us...  The 'Steampunk Lady Gaga'.  But take care to pronounce her name properly!  "The emphasis is on the second syllable - Lady guh-GAH. Get it right or she will be most displeased."

     Do view the page at the provided link to read the lyrics of "her most famous [song], the operatic work 'Letter' ... [It] is a ballad, telling the tale of a young lady whose suitor, hopelessly in love, writes her a series of missives while she takes tea at her club." You will also find a descriptive pseudo-biographical description of the star.
     The exchange of more Victorian words for actual lyrics shows the cleverness of the author.  While it will certainly be more amusing to those thoroughly familiar with the actual person and her music, this lighthearted parody is a fun read just to experience the use of language. (No, not that kind of language!)  Ta ta!


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