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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Behold the Mystery Box! A Sure Cure for Melancholy and Lugubriousness


     From the mind and hands of Clayton Boyer comes another wondrous piece of woodworking.  What mysteries lie inside the smooth sheened black wood, and behind the steampunk-inspired plaque announcing, "Dr. Boyer's Mystery Box - A Sure Cure for Melancholy and Lugubriousness"?  'Tis a mystery, of course, until you move the lever ... then it is even more so!
     Though some who viewed my earlier post regarding his wooden clocks may have discovered it on his web site, I simply had to feature it in a separate post because I must admit that this contraption made me giggle.  That does not happen very often, so I was doubly in awe of the power of the Mystery Box.
     The video below shows a thorough and elegant display of the mechanism in action from both sides in the style of a magician performing a complex trick; cheerful music reminiscent of a carnival side show completes the effect.  It might even make you smile.

     While perhaps not as utilitarian as his other pieces, Dr. Boyer's Mystery Box is certainly clever and fun as the maker obviously intended, and that is useful enough for me!  Besides, anyone who incorporates words such as 'lugubriousness' into their artwork wins my heart any day. 

~ DreamSteam


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