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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Gears, Roses, and Bullets -- two new pendants for sale

Here are two new copper and resin steampunk-inspired pendants now for sale in my ArtFire studio!

Bullet and Gears in Resin Copper Steampunk Pendant

 The first pendant has a flattened bullet as the background for a pretty brass cog and two weathered silver watch gears.  I picked the fired bullet up off the range, myself, and hammered it so that it would be the proper size to fit the pendant base.  All of the components have some patina/rust to them, which makes this pendant look nice and rustic, even steampunk! (This piece has now sold, thank you!)

Watch Face, Spring, and Rose Copper Pendant

 The back of a watch face forms the background of the second pendant; I liked the roughness of the rear surface rather than the colorful side, so I just flipped it over!  The rose at the center is made of black resin which I brushed with copper flake paint.  A watch spring coils around the rose and to the edge of the solid copper pendant.

Both pendants are encased in poured clear resin, which means they are waterproof and the internal components will not move.  I have a couple of others made, but want to do some more work on them before posting them for sale.  This is one that I will post asap.

I hope to become more productive in a few weeks, but I wanted to share what I had managed to finish up for now.  Thanks for reading and sharing this blog and my jewelry!


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