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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Origins of the Heavy Metal Animals Discovered - Endangered Art!

(Yes, this big ol' rusty guy again!) “Fenrir” by Jordan Walker, Zach Highnote, Greg Black, Leigh Ann Colley, Phylicia Corey & Robert Grissett from Georgia Southwestern State University
I wanted to auto-post an update regarding an older topic while I am incommunicado for a bit.

A few weeks ago when I once more ventured out to recycle some of my household materials and help save the planet (or at least try to keep it cleaner), I asked an employee at the facility where the quirky steel/scrap animal sculptures that I had been seeing at the recycling center had come from. 

They told me that they used to have an annual contest for local schools to make sculptures out of the local iron scrap. The recycling business had been recently sold, and they said that the new company may not sponsor any more contests.  So I not only caught photos of some unique metal sculptures, but endangered/extinct ones, as well!  The dragon/toothy dinosaur still stands guard near the plastic and glass bins, probably because it is so heavy that no one wants to move it!  (I occasionally see a sculpture I have not seen before, as they are perhaps moved into public view from other parts of the facility, but I was not able to get a picture of the any new ones on my last trip there.)  I think the one pictured above is totally steampunk, which may be why I am enthralled with these roughly-made metal pieces.

You can find my other posts regarding and many photos of these large and unusual sculptures by clicking in the tag cloud under "animals", or with these links:


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