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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Men of Steampunk Calendar 2011

Though the year is partly spent, if you should be in the market for a calendar to markt he remaining days of this year called 2011, then here is one you might wish to peruse.

Sprockets and Lockets.com has the Men of Steampunk 2011 calendar for sale for 20 American dollars, which makes it a steal in any country! The pages abound with dapperly dressed gents showing their steampride in picturesque settings. I believe this calendar originated with Bianca Namori, an industrious member of  The Steampunk Empire, and may contain many photos of members of said group. Brilliant!

~ DreamSteam

(My sincere apologies that this post is so incredibly late! I just noticed I scheduled it for posting many months ago, but Blogger did not follow through and do that. Horrors! At least you will know where to get a calendar next year....)


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