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Monday, May 10, 2010

Steam, Brass and Fzz! Inventions Galore by Professor Fzz

Are you...
In the market for a desktop Jacob's Ladder?

How about an Internet Pressure Gauge, that measures packets per second?

  No?  How about a Steam Robot Mask?

All of these creations and much, much more have sprung from the mind of Professor Fzz, maker extraordinaire!

In his own words:

   "By day, I build weapons to defend the great steam pipes of the Aethernet from the ravaging hoards of savages, design new and better ways of connecting the great networks of pipes together, and avoid the dreaded blockages. In short, I’m an Aethernet architect. Sometimes I teach students too; yes I really am a Professor.
    By night, I like the physical world; making things in brass and copper and wood. And steam. Always steam power.
    I guess you might call me Steampunk."

Indeed, Professor, indeed!  

Electric go-karts, the Heat Ray of Death, Steam Rockets, and Hydrogen Reconnaissance Balloons.   All reside here.  There is even a collection of many steam powered wonders and fantastic places that he has visited and seen.  

All can be found in the Professor's aethernet journal. (All photos above come from the professor's site.) Jolly good show!



  1. what fun! Thanks for the suggestion

    1. Sure! The number of links and photos he has is staggering.



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