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Monday, November 28, 2011

A Bullet Sits Atop It - Copper Watch Face and Bullets Pocket Watch Pendant by DreamSteam

Bullet Pocketwatch Pendant by DreamSteam

Greetings, everyone!

This is the newest piece I have made; it is the first in a series of Wild West steampunk influenced pocket watch pendants that I hope to continue making as long as my supply of pocket watch cases and bullets holds out (I know, I can get more of either).

A vintage pocket watch case forms the base for the piece.  The stamped copper watch face forms the background for some interesting found items, two of which I found at the shooting ranges I frequent: an exquisitely rusted gear, a feathered brass fired bullet casing, and a fired bullet which bounced off of a steel target.  Crystal-clear resin encases all of these items, forming a smooth dome on the front.

As for the photo, I am not finished attempting to photograph this piece (translation: I want a better picture!) and I may or may not sell it with the brass chain seen here, since I want to sell it with something better.  My many ideas for a fancy necklace to enhance the pendant have been eliminated one by one as I have tried them and either they did not work as I had planned, or I just did not like them as well as I thought I would.  The creative process can be a harsh one!

This pendant/necklace will be for sale in my ArtFire studio very soon (hopefully this week), so keep an eye out for it there. (Edit: Done! I have posted this piece for sale, with the brass chain pictured, and posted a better photo of it.)


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