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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Steampunk Goggle Progress! Pics of the Basic Parts

 There has been progress on my Steampunk goggles this busy busy weekend!

The first pic is the eyepieces, the strap, and the possible nose pieces I am considering. I put a very cool corroded patina on the rings of the eyepieces which does not show up in these photos at all.  Grr, stupid camera.  I will see if I can get more detailed photos another time, perhaps after I have finished the goggles entirely. It is down to five days until my costume party, and this is the only piece I have worked on at all (I have ideas for three more), and I still need to clean my house, cook the food, get maps out to people....Whee!

I have also been working on another S.A.S.S. badge holder (yes, I just made one last weekend, but it was too big for my gun belt and a bit floppy), and I need to do two more projects before next Sunday's cowboys' shoot.  Another shooter requested that I make her a bullet holder block, and I also need one. (What is it, you ask?  It's little block of wood with bullet-sized holes drilled in it and has a piece of leather for a flap to keep the ammo from falling out one side. Why have one? It organizes the ammo and makes life at the loading table faster and less stressful. "Hmm, did I just load nine bullets into my rifle, or ten?...")

AND I really eally really need to make some more steampunk jewelry to sell.

It's a good thing I am talented.  ;-)  Here's hoping I can get it together and keep it together!



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