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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

While Waiting for Goggleage...

While I am schlepping to start/finish my goggles (!) (I have done some leatherwork in the last few days, but it is a badge holder for my SASS badge, not very Steampunky), I thought I would share some more of my older pendants.

These are each made from half of a clock barrel gear as the base; the swirl inside is comprised of a gently uncoiling watch spring.  (I say gently, but those things are strong and wily!) While not very visible in the pictures, clear resin fills the base and creates a domed surface on top.

One of these sold, and I currently possess the other (the one on the right).  I may part with it for the holiday sale rush. (hahahahaha *cough* Hrm. At least offer it for sale.)

If you would be interested in a similar item, do contact me through ArtFire or Etsy, and I would be glad to create one or more for you!

~ DS


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