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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

"Add To Any" Toolbar Added

Rather than adding several social bookmarking site links individually, as I had started to do (!), the "AddToAny" toolbar has saved me from that fate.  (I mention this not to be a nuisance, but to point out this feature, which can easily be overlooked due to its' smallish minimized size.)

At the bottom of every post, you will find a pull down/pop-up bar with which you are encouraged to share a link to said article with any or all of several dozen, if not a hundred, sites, email it, or to just bookmark it for yourself.  The first few site options are displayed with just a scroll-over, but click on the bar itself to be taken to a  page where you can choose from them all.

I would be humbled and also greatly appreciative it if you should find any of my musings worthy of sharing with someone else, and take the time to pass them along.  Thank you!

~ DS


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