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Friday, December 4, 2009

Ideas, Part 2 ... Toys!

I am in a mood to search for steampunk toys!  I have found a couple of sets that were for sale, previously in this blog, such as the Mechtorians and  CrabFu , but I have found some that are absolutely amazing!

More sculpture than toy, the works of Stephane Halleaux have blown the world away.

The aesthetic has been described as "Tim Burton-esque," "retro-futuristic," and "steampunk meets Edward Scissorhands."

Sadly, the cry of "WHERE can I BUY these?!!!!" posted by so many commenters on so many sites has gone unanswered.  I would imagine that these are absolutely not for sale, but if you want to give the artist an offer for one on Facebook, you can give it a shot!

At the very least, some of you creative types might be able to take inspiration from these, and create your own toys.  You can do it!  Just do it quickly; Christmas is coming!


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