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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Heavy Metal Animals II

  (Sea Creature with Chain seaweed? and the ferocious steel dragon/T-rex)

     Upon my recent trip to the recycling center, I found several more metal creations destined for the scrap heap.   Most were "new", but I was glad to see that the steel dragon/dinosaur (above, right) still stood guard over the PETE plastics number 1 & 2 bins.  "No caps on bottles!  Rawr!!!"   I really like that sculpture; if any of these have the spirit of steampunk in them, it is that one.  (see Heavy Metal Animals I)   Even though I do not know what some of these creatures are this time, either, the use of materials shows creativity and a good bit of tenacity.

Without further ado, I give you Heavy Metal Animals II!

I hope to see more of these each time I take my recycling waaaaay downtown.  They make the trip even more worth it when they put a smile on my face.  May they do the same for you. =)

More info:  In January 2012, I identified several of these sculptures as having been in the Junque Yard Sculpture Contest, and found out some of their names.  The large dragon guy is named “Fenrir” by Jordan Walker, Zach Highnote, Greg Black, Leigh Ann Colley, Phylicia Corey & Robert Grissett from Georgia Southwestern State University, and won first place in the 8th annual contest.  The chain dog may be “Springer Spaniel” by Zoe Alexandra from Georgia Southwestern State University.  Please see my post with Heavy Metal Animals III to learn more, and to see photos of these sculptures when they were NEW and in a gallery.)


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