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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Want to Sell Handmade Online? Become an ArtFire Pro Seller for 25% Off !

     Are you or someone you know a crafter/artist who would like to sell their items online, but do not know where to begin?  Are you already an online seller who does not like paying a percentage of your hard-earned profits to a web site?  Then here is the answer!

     ArtFire.com provides unlimited item listings, search engine submission, PayPal payment access, and more to their upgraded Verified account sellers.  There are No Listing or Final Fees, ever.  They do not take ANY money from the sale of your items.  Zero!

IF you use the link I have provided here and mention DreamSteam as your referrer, you get an  upgraded Verified account at $12 per month, rather than at the $15.95 per month rate.  A 25% savings! This rate will last forever, as long as you renew continuously.

      With ArtFire, you get the best features of your own website, plus the traffic, ease and tools of a marketplace venue like Etsy or eBay.  ArtFire is visited by more than 800,000 buyers per month.
    As a upgraded Verified account seller, you get: Filtered Focused Traffic, Easy Set-Up, Robust Management Tools, Technical Support, Feedback System, SEO Optimized Feeds, Promotional Tools, Facebook interaction, Community Interaction and so much more.

Go here to learn more and to sign up for this offer:
      Please be sure to mention/use the username DreamSteam as your referral by June 1st 2010, to get the discounted 25% off rate.
Enjoy your artistic success!

      Why do I mention this offer?  Well, if 12 people sign up for upgraded Verified accounts using DreamSteam (me) as their referral, then I and another person of my choice will receive a free upgraded Verified account for life, which would truly mean a great deal to me and would help keep this tiny section of the world of Steampunk-inspired jewelry alive.
      I also believe that ArtFire is a great venue for selling handmade art and craft works.    
But the bottom line is that YOU will receive the benefit of 25% off your upgraded Verified account fees forever!  
 In addition, I will give the person whose referrals result in the most DreamSteam ArtFire sign-ups the extra completely free upgraded Verified account for life.

Please pass along a link to this article to your friends or family who might be interested in giving ArtFire a try as a pro seller.   This offer expires Jun 1st, 2010!!!  Thank you very much!


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