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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Let Them Eat Steam Cake!

Honorable Mention - Professor Gearheart's Otherwhen Machine
      With the proliferation of cake and cupcake decorating shows on television, I am happy to find cakes with lots of technical difficulty and panache.  (Personally, I think it's crazy to pay someone to make cupcakes for you, even if you do order 1000 of them. It's a cupcake, sheesh! Maybe if I liked the little pastries more, I would be more sympathetic. But... too much frosting! Yuck!)  I must admit that I have watched some of these shows out of sheer curiosity!

     Cake Central held a steampunk cake decorating contest earlier in 2010.   There were representations of robots, cellphones, wedding cakes, radios, gas masks, and bugs.  Versions of steampunk "Hello Kitty" even made an appearance a couple of times.

Victorian Era Bionics cake

The top entries and honorable mentions can be found on this page of Cake Central.

Steampunk Squid Cake

     I liked the winning entries, but have included pictures of some that did not win, but thought showed a good bit of creativity.  You may view all of the entries here on Cake Central.

Steampunk bug cake
     As long as regular viewers of the foodie channels must restrain a groan every time a new cake show appears, we should demand that there be steampunk in the mix!  Perhaps the "Challenge" show should present that challenge to the chefs and see if any of them know what steampunk is.  Now that would be a fun cake show to watch.  *grin*


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