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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"Whom Shall You Telegram?" -- A Semi-Steam Tribute to Ghostbusters

Stand aside, you alleged "Ghost Hunters"!  From the minds and archives of The League of STEAM comes:

Whom Shall You Telegram?

     Below is a video of Mr. Potts demonstrating one of their contraptions for paranormal containment.  Wind up keys, gears, sparks, and steam!  Who could ask for anything more?

If you liked that invention do check out the LoS Net Gun in action.

     To read and see more about this intrepid troupe, go to The League of STEAM homepage.  They can be found at ComicCon, Maker Faire, DisneyWorld (giving a lecture!), conventions, nightclubs, and anywhere that "spooks and paranormal creatures might be hiding."  You can even hire their services to ensure your next social event is ghost-free!


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