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Friday, July 30, 2010

The Wing's the Thing

The Wing's the Thing-- Gears and Wings Steampunk Earrings

     From my collection, may I now present:  my new wing and wing-related jewelry!
     When I see feathers and wings or winged creatures, it reminds me to think of the possible.  Birds never doubt their ability to stretch their wings and fly, and neither should we! (Metaphorically, of course.)  To me, that is what steampunk is about, as well. 

The earrings pictured above include detailed antiqued silver wings and silver pocket watch flywheel gears.

Nom de Plume - Silver Feather and Glass Bead Necklace

     I enjoy working with the wing and feathers because as symbols of freedom, they are beautiful and can inspire uplifting feelings of hope.

Special Delivery -- Brass Birds, Pearls, and Bows Earrings

     I added something to these earrings; they now have radiant, quality glass pearls nestled amongst their warm brass bird and bow components.  I think they are even more beautiful this way!

     Hope you have enjoyed viewing my latest creations, and that someone likes these pieces enough to give them a new home.  They are all for sale here, among many other one-of-a-kind pieces of steampunk jewelry: DreamSteam's ArtFire Studio .   Thanks for reading!


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