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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Artistic Alterations: Making Steampunk Gadgets

Steampunk Keyboard by Jake von Slatt

     A blogger on our beloved aethernet once said  "Steampunk is inspired by Victorian science fiction and mostly consists of adding cogs and brass to things that don't need them. "  Admirers of steampunk such as myself will most certainly bristle at this assertion, both because we feel that it is not completely true, and because we know it is often the case.  Even I have been guilty of wanting to slap gears on something and call it steampunk, an urge I try wholeheartedly to resist, which is one reason it often takes a while for me to produce new pieces!
     So how does a steampunk artist modify something modern to make a steampunk device or make one from scratch?  Both Richard Nagy (aka Datamancer) and Jake von Slatt create stellar examples of the genre, and this article tells how.

     The general idea is to alter the appearance while maintaining its' function. In the case of creating a totally new object, the point is for it to make people ask, "what does it do?"   Sometimes it will not do anything at all in actuality, but in a possible world the function may amaze.  Imagination is the key!

     To read more about how Jake von Slatt creates his masterpieces, go to his site, where he has details and many photos of his projects.  Datamancer's site is here.  The content will inspire you, to create what is up to you!

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