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Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Favorite Steampunk Supply Shop: Steampunk Supply

     I would like to take a moment to sing the praises of my favorite Etsy merchant.  Though her shop is very successful and I am sure she already has many devoted buyers, such dedication and willingness to help customers merits even more recognition. 
     This most excellent seller is Steampunk Supply.  She has always gone above and beyond to obtain and assemble the parts I need to make jewelry; I have made special requests of her several times, and she has come through every time, quickly and with a smile!
      Her shop description says the following: "Steampunk supplies, antique and vintage watch and pocket watch parts, clock parts, keys, buttons and charms for steampunk jewelry and art projects."  The sheer variety and quality of skeleton keys, watch hands, faces, gears, wheels, movements, cases, springs, and other parts for sale in her shop will simply enthrall you.  

Ornate Brass Antique Skeleton Keys
     I have no idea how she finds so many amazing materials and sells them for such great prices, but I bet that living in fabulous San Francisco helps! I am a little jealous (!), but thankful that she has shared her fabulous finds with us less geographically fortunate.  *grin*  In all seriousness, the supplies I have purchased from her shop have made my jewelry possible; while I have not always completed the projects I had in mind when I bought parts to attempt them, I almost always make something using the wondrous items.  When I have been able to complete a vision with her items, it is marvelous and often sells quickly.  (Several of my pocket watch pendants seen here were created from pocket watch cases obtained at SteampunkSupply; I did have a couple I found locally once a very long time ago.  The brass balance necklace contained a part from her, as well.)

     If you are looking for such supplies, run, do not walk, to Steampunk Supplies' Etsy shop -- then slow down and browse thoroughly!  Brass to copper, cases to faces... all shared to inspire steampunk artists everywhere. 

2/2012 -- Steampunk Supply is now closed.  I wish the owner luck in all she does, and I will miss her and her shop!



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