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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

DreamSteam's Steampunk Holiday 2010 Gift Guide

Egads! The holiday gift-giving season is again upon us, bringing trepidation to those who must ask themselves, "what am I going to buy for my steampunk friends/family?!"  Never fear, for I have found some ideas for you to peruse and consider!

Brute Force Studios has several choices for the hard-to-buy-for steampunk.  Handmade corsets, book covers, and leather and brass fans abound on their site.  (Clockwork brassiere, anyone?)
 In case you have not seen these yet, Harbor Freight carries charming, working brass transits and sundials/compasses almost all year long.  They cost between $10 and $26.  (I own both and have also given them as gifts.)

The steampunk handy-person might enjoy using a tool made in a different era.  Vintage tools are apparently becoming a big deal in a niche market catering to those who want the right tool for the job and to look stylish while doing it!  Vintage Tools has a wide selection of hand tools.

To use those hand tools, why not give the handyperson the plans to build their own wooden clock?  Clayton Boyer has created dozens of beautiful clocks from wood, and is selling the plans for many of them.  He recommends starting with the one simply called Number Six, but here is a link to all of the available plans.

Clayton Boyer's "Swoopy Clock"
For the steamy fashionista,  Pyramid Collection has skirts, shirts, jackets, and hats with buckles and style galore at fairly reasonable prices.

Alternatively, if you wish to support individuals who make their own steampunk items by hand, do look to ArtFire or Etsy.  Both have thriving steampunk categories, and if you buy there, you will make an artist very happy! (Links are suggestions, do a 'steampunk' search to find other wonderful artists on the sites.)  Jewelry, journals, goggles, clothing, toys, gadgets, you name it -- all can be found there in a twinkle.  

Steampunk Dangle Gear Earrings with 24k Gold Plated Ear Wires, by DreamSteam

These are just a few gift guide ideas.  I will add more as I find them.  Also check out the tag cloud on the right hand edge of this blog page for specific shopping topics that you may desire to see; many tags contain posts regarding and links to more excellent merchants that I have mentioned in the past (parasols, brooches, toys, jewelry, collectibles, clothing, and more).   Happy shopping!


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