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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Gear Up for 2011 - Make Your Own Steampunk Wall Calendar

I realize this is not a new idea, but it was on my mind anyway.  Since last year's calendar ceased to be of use a few days ago, my mind wandered over to the idea of steampunk calendars. [The kitten calendar from the dollar store that I get as a gift every Christmas is not doing it for me any more. Sorry, Mom. (Where do they find ugly kittens to photograph? Who knew there was such a thing?!!!  Most of the animals in the photos just look sad, which makes me sad, too!)]

But I digress. After a long search and viewing many, many steampunk calendars on the aethernet, I discovered to my disappointment that the commercially available offerings I saw had little to no appeal for me at all. After all, if I have to see a picture for a whole month, I want it to be meaningful, or at least interesting!  The solution?  Make my own!

A clever and thrifty individual certainly use a program to arrange the photographs and the date grid in an organized manner and them print it all out, but if you would rather have someone else professionally assemble and bind it into something more closely resembling a traditional wall calendar, the calendar maker on Zazzle.com will do that for you.  Their prices start at $20.95 per unit. (A free option is to use the calendar grids other people have created and shared, such as those that can be found in the search results here. Not all free formats allow you to add photos, though.)

A steampunk calendar I make on their site would probably include photos of some of my favorite pieces of jewelry (though almost all of the ones I liked best sold and I cannot take newer, more artistic photos of them, guess I should make more!), and whatever else steampunk that I can find that I like and of course is not copyrighted.  The Zazzle site also gives the option to post your full-color calendar for public sale if you so desire.  (One reason I paused on the Zazzle steampunk calendar page was that there was an attractive 2011 calendar posted by an Etsy SteamTeamer, Winona Cookie, featuring original WinonaCookie art and stories..)  p.s. - I have no association with Zazzle.com. nor have I ordered from them before. If you know/own/like of a better place to get custom calendars, let me know! I do, however belong to the Steam Team, who haveincredibly talented members!  =)

Just for giggles, I did a search on Etsy for steampunk calendars, and got some results for wall calendars and some for other items.  Here is a calendar that I like; it has stunning images and is almost the same price as the make-it-yourself ones (about $20).  An identical search term on ArtFire found one item that resembled a calendar.

If you create a calendar online and wish to share it, please post a comment here with a link to it.  Once/if I do finish one, I will link to it here as well.  Happy New Year!


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