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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Time Has Come -- Own a Datamancer Laptop Computer!

The prototype Datmancer laptop, open
Good day, everyone!
Over time, I may not have sufficiently extolled the creativity of the maker known as Datamancer, but his undisputed success in the steampunk world has undoubtedly made up for any such oversights. Regardless, I will now tell you of his seemingly latest endeavor: one-of-a-kind, dazzling steampunk laptop computers -- for SALE!
The prototype Datamancer laptop, closed, with key

That is right, ladies and gentlemen, you may now place a pre-order for a cutting-edge handcrafted work of art with immense practicality, created by the world famous Datamancer. He says that the new designs will be lighter and even more elegant than the prototype model, with all the bells and whistles upon which discerning technophiles insist (but he says PC only for now, sorry!).  The new models will still have the lovely collection of gears on the lid, but they will now spin.  Purchasers may choose from many options regarding the design of their wondrous contraptions, including the color of the wood stain, the type of metals used, and even the style of font on the keys.  He even has plans for the devices to be brought to life by the use of a brass key. (Squee!) To further involve patrons of the arts in the process, buyers will have access to YouTube videos of their own laptop machine being made. Now that is customer service.

All of this may be yours for a mere 50% downpayment, with a total cost of around $5500 (he mentions that future models may cost around $7500). Here is where you may read more about the design specifications and place an order; you may email him at laptops@datamancer.net.   Thank you, Datamancer, for your hard work and contributions to steampunk!


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