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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Antiqued Silver Steampunk Watch Gear Ring

Gear Ring by DreamSteam, for sale on ArtFire

Finally, I completed a resin ring and posted it for sale in my studio!

I  found some really nice Victorian-esque and even some papers with a more dieselpunk aura to work with for my resin projects; this ring features one pattern/color that I like.  It has greens and browns (I added the rusty browns via a distressing method I use) swirled in chaotic harmony. The band is a minimum of a size 8, and can be adjusted to larger sizes.  I may be able to adjust the size downward, but it would take some careful cutting and bending, which I am willing to do upon request once the item is purchased.

The other ring that I made did not turn out to my satisfaction, so I will try again.  It had two beautiful red Lory feathers and a superb brass watch gear with a watch ruby in the center. 
gear and feather ring by DreamSteam, later dismantled
  Before anyone cries foul (fowl?), the feathers were given to me upon request by a friend who has a red Lory in the house; he collected the feathers from the bottom of the cage, as the bird molts tiny feathers prolifically.  Here is a photo of a red Lory, to give you an idea of how gorgeous the plumage is.

red Lory bird

 My other project worked splendidly.  Two tiny corked glass bottles with fanned feathers and resin inside (they have some other unique features as well, but I shall keep those details secret for now).  Once I get the wire wrapped around the bottle necks so that they can be hung as pendants on a necklace or two, those will be posted for sale, as well.  Let's hope for success!


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