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Monday, March 19, 2012

Steampunk Tales from Anachrocon, Part II -- Remnant, a steampunk film by Penny Dreadful Productions

Joe Hernandez as Remnant trooper at Anachrocon 2012
      I had the fortune of meeting the bechainsawed gentleman in the above picture at Anachrocon 2012. (Yes, I made up a word, bechainsawed.)  At that time, I was so overwhelmed with all of the wonders of the day that I did not even ask his name (I apologize profusely, sir!), but under all the excellent armor is Joe Hernandez, actor and workshop manager for Penny Dreadful Productions of Duluth, GA, USA.  Here he strikes an in-character pose from his part in the studio's most recent offering, Remnant.  (He held this maniacal grin and this pose patiently for a very long time as I tried to get both him and his weapon in-frame.  Thanks, Joe!)
     Remnant is the tale of life and death after the collapse of civilization as the world once knew it.  Various groups try to enforce their own visions of how things should be, and many suffer the consequences of these power struggles even as they try to rebuild their lives. "Some want control. Some want freedom. It's time to choose a side."

    If you wish to read the story, you might begin with Drone: A Prelude Part 1.  I found the writing detailed and vivid; it made me want to go and fight, but I would first have to choose a side....  You may read the other short stories by clicking on the posters at the bottom of the main Remnant page.  If you would like a complete explanation of the Remnant story and everything in it, Amy Houser, illustrator of the propoganda posters for the film, has written just that, posted on overburyink.com; she tells the "why" of Remnant, as well as the plans for its' future.

                                  What is Remnant?
"The future is fire and ashes, corruption and decay. The Great War ended in smoke and ruin, and the world as we knew it can be glimpsed under the blackened piles of rubble and in the colossal hulks of buildings long burnt and razed. The fighting continues, though: organized Rebels and rogue pirates in patchwork airships form savage raiding parties with the sole aim of tearing down any progress made to reclaim order and prosperity. The Rebels prefer chaos, but the world needs stability. People need a future that is clean and bright. They need answers. Remnant is that answer."

Part 1 --  Remnant: A Call to Arms
"Scouts located a settlement of free people thirty hectomarks outside Remnant City. A Warden has been dispatched to encourage the groups allegiance. Dreadnoughts have the building surrounded.
“A Call to Arms,” is the first of five Remnant short films created as a collaborative effort between Penny Dreadful Productions, Brothers Young Productions, and an extensive network of amazing creative talent. Stay tuned, the Battle is coming."

     Remnant originated as a extraordinary story to display the costuming and making skills of the artists; PDP accepts orders for costumes from the film (six character types and 23 fashions) both at cons and on their web site.  They will also provide zombies for your events and special occasions.  One could order some of both and have some post-apocalyptic fun!  In the meantime, enjoy the story.  Future installments of the story should appear on PDP's YouTube page and/or linked on their Facebook page.


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