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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Steampunk Airship Name Generator

Yar! Need a name with which to christen your mostly-airworthy vessel before her maiden voyage? 

Roguey's Site Ship Namer will generate one for you at random, so as to not offend one's own... acquaintances... who might want you to name it after them.

Fancy a more pirate name for the ship?  Try:  The Seventh Sanctum Pirate Ship Name Generator, which will provide up to 25 names at once.  Names there are guaranteed to be raunchy, confusing, and/or gritty! Yo ho! (No guarantees actually made, it's just a figure of speech.)  Here are some it created for me:

Ocean's Raider
The Disgraceful Killer
The Anger of the Knave
The Black Secret of Tortuga
The Death of the Ocean
The Deceit of Tortuga
The Deceit of the Ocean
The Evil Rage
The Foul Thunder
The Shameful Killer of the East

 Fair winds and smooth sailing to ye, no matter what yer ship be named!


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