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Monday, May 28, 2012

Laundry, Mores, and Murder: Tales from Victorian London

    What better way to acquaint oneself with both the mundane and the extreme happenings of daily life in Victorian London, than by reading what actual Londoners wrote about it?

     I recently downloaded the free sample of Daily Life in Victorian London: An Extraordinary Anthology, compiled by Lee Jackson. As I began to read with a mostly open mind, I still found myself dismayed that I felt surprised at what shocked the people of that era. (Very conflicting emotions, there.)  Many of the sections are articles submitted to newspapers and other periodicals of the time period.  As the author comments, it is perhaps presumptuous to call this anthology "extraordinary," yet it certainly sheds light on the mores and idiosyncrasies of the day.

     Lee Jackson's truly informative web site, The Dictionary of Victorian London, led me to the book.  There you will also find sketches, photographs, and an encyclopedia of Victorian London divided by subject matter.  One could spend weeks reading through the material he has gathered there! Jackson has published many books on various topics regarding Victorian London.  Most can be had as a digital download for $2-3 apiece. His most recent book might possibly nod to the television show "Dirty Jobs": Dust, Mud, Soot and Soil: The Worst Jobs in Victorian London. Fascinating!  I recommend and will certainly read more by this preserver of Victorian history.


  1. Thank you for finding theses and sharing them. They sound really useful reading and I'm hoping they have some interesting images for the Steampunk Study's wall.

  2. Certainly! If you find a story or photo that strikes you as particularly enlightening, do share. =)



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