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Monday, May 7, 2012

Mechanized Furniture That Makes You Think, "Hmmm..."

     I will admit that this post is not really about steampunk, though I really can see the Fletcher table being used on an airship or a submarine to save space. But, in my opinion, the design of these pieces of furniture embody the spirit of invention that transcends genre and celebrates imagination.
     Spoiler alert: All are real items except for the last, which, sadly, is a concept only. (As a fan of robotics, that disappointed me a bit. *sigh*)

Walking table

Dearden Expanding Glass Table

Fletcher Automated Capstan Expanding Table

 Personal Automated Library Chairs

Representation of a student graduate project at the Design Academy Eindhoven. Visitors can use a card to "check out" a seat, which will then follow them around the library for seating wherever needed. When the library visitor passes a designated line in the room near the checkout area, the chair returns to its' charging base to be ready for the next user.  Logistical nightmares aside (obedient chair traffic jams during busy library hours might occur), I think this idea has potential.


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