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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Smells like Mad Science - and Jagers! Girl Genius Scents at ZOMG Smells

"Doctor's Bag" of vials at ZOMG Smells

     While I have known about the existence of ZOMGSmells for years, through their advertisements on the Girl Genius web site, it is so much fun that I needed to share what I found.

     The biggest attraction, for me, was their line of Girl Genius scents. Among the GG scent collection are: The Baron, Madboy, Pirate Queen, Jager #1, Jager #2, and Jager #3.  Gee, I wonder to whom they are referring, ha ha, but I sure hope Jagers smell better than they sometimes look! (BTW, I absolutely adore Jagermonsters, und hy know eet iz hard to schmell nize after heeting tings vit odder tings.  The scents sound delicious.  I mean, ferocious!

     Quack medicine cologne, anyone?  In addition to the GG scents, the ladies of ZOMG have created a collection of scents based on vintage patent medicine recipes, Dr. ZOMG's Cure-Alls.  Learn the history behind some of the potions, salves, tonics, and liniments that were hawked as cure-alls both on street corners and sold in pharmacies, some of which are still available today in slightly altered forms.  For example, Dr. Zomg's Superlative Polytonic Mirabalm is based on the recipe for Coca-Cola syrup, minus the cocaine, but with an additive to make the mixture tingle on the skin!

"Doctor Zomg's Cure-Alls do not actually cure all. They don't cure ANYTHING, other than not smelling nifty. But they *are* based on recipes for actual patent medicines, which likewise didn't cure anything. So we figure we're in good company there!"

Hmmm.... Who says shopping cannot be informative?

     I mentioned the Tesla scent in a previous post, and while thinking along those lines, why not try the Higgs-Boson scent? "We promised we'd make Higgs Boson available permanently when the particle itself was satisfactorily demonstrated to actually exist, and as of July 4, 2012, it looks like that's exactly what's happened. Here's to Dr. Peter Higgs, CERN, and the scientific method! Our toast: a blend simultaneously heavy and sprightly, with mace (for atom-smashing) and strong engineer tea over a rock-solid theoretical base, by which we mean patchouli, vetiver, and ATLAS cedar."

     If you are undecided or just want to try all of the scents in a particular collection, you can order a "squee set," which contains 1ml vials of the collection, or order a set of 5ml bottles. They sell dozens of more individual scents, all themed, as well as soaps with the aforementioned scents incorporated.

     The descriptions of the scents always make me salivate a little, which means they are describing it well! When I go to the site, it is about all I can do to not order one of everything. I would like to hear from you if you have ordered and/or experienced some of their scent formulations.  Eenjoy de schoppink!


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