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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My YouTube Video -- DreamSteam's Steampunk Jewelry

Hello, all!  Let me say that I hope to have some new jewelry to share and sell very soon.  Until then...

Upon the advice of a few web sites and through the inspiration of the Etsy Steam Team, a few months ago I ventured into the mysterious world of YouTube by making a slide video of my jewelry.

After getting just a few views in as many months, I just stopped checking to see how many people had viewed it.

People did leave comments that perhaps it would get more views if I was showing how to MAKE the jewelry, but that was not the point of that particular slide show.  Besides, do you win something for having more views than other people's videos do?  Out of feigned indifference, I say I think not.

But in the interest of pointing out its' existence, I give you:  DreamSteam's Jewelry Video Extrordinaire!

If you would like to watch it without leaving this page, you can scroll down and click on the box so labeled on the right hand side to play an embedded version of the video.

Please go watch it.  It has a lovely classical music accompaniment.  *grin*

(As a note: some of that jewelry is actually still for sale.  Check out ArtFire, which is where you may currently find all of my jewelry for sale, or go to the bottom of this blog page for the immediate gratification of instant checkout.)

Many thanks!

~ DS


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