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Monday, November 23, 2009

Silver Watch Plate, Gear, Beads, and Key Pendant

In the same class as my previous pocket watch part pendant, I finished up this pendant whose design has vexed me for a couple of weeks now.  At the top, a vintage metal bead leads down to the plate.  An almost tiger-eye pattern stone cabochon serves as the base for a large gear and a smaller accent gear.  The smaller silver gear on the left came from a watch, and so a silver watch hand dangles from its' edge.  The bead at the bottom was once silver coated, but has worn, showing the ceramic material underneath and lending an antique-y air.  To top it off at the bottom, so to speak, a miniature brass skeleton key hangs invitingly.

This pendant is also for sale in my ArtFire shop.  I have now paid for a whole year's membership there, which will give me many more opportunites and features beginning in January.

~ DS


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