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Monday, November 9, 2009

Presenting ... Mechtorians!

Want to give that special someone a delightful and fun collectible steampunk gift this holiday?
Look no further, for we have found ... Mechtorians!

These little toys are the ultimate combination of cuteness and technical whimsy.  Created by DoktorA, also known as Andrew Mitchell, They stand from 3.5 to 4" tall, are handpainted, and can be had for under $15 at TenaciousToys and also on eBay.  The members of the first series have names: Stephan LePodd, D.J. Gramo, Mr. Head, Scuttler The Butler, Sentry Wheel & Sir Shilling. 

I would love to have a couple of these, just for fun, but they seem to go up in value as collectibles as well.
The custom-made Mechtorians are especially cool.  Here is one that I especially like, with his collection hose:

You can see more custom Mechtorians here.  There is also a custom Mechtorians show, Doktor A's "The Barnabus and Wrench Traveling Robotic Freak Circus" show opening November 14th, 2009, in Detroit.  Here is a link to many photos of the show. Freak Circus

Of course, I have no affiliation with the artist or marketers, but just had to share these little guys! I would love to hear if any of my readers own one or more of these, or end up purchasing one (or more!), and what you thought of them "in person".  They look soooo cute!

~ DS


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