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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Magnificent Maggi Massimo -- Hard Country

All I have been able to say about this next discovery is, "WOW," over and over again.
Though reported elsewhere, I believe that my coverage of this phenomenon is more detailed than some, and I definitely have more pictures of individual pieces!

"Okay, okay, but what IS it," you ask?
A phenomenon called "Hard Country."

Sooo.  What is that?  It is a design created by Maggi Massimo of Italy that has a very definite steampunk aura about it, because "country" and Victorian era items often share similar rustic materials, colors, and design.

Above is the MM website's photo of one version of a wine serving area.  Other items I found fascinatingly steampunky and possibly useful include a dry goods dispenser with plenty of metal, a couple of innovative light fixtures, a beer keg bar, a computer desk, a wine bottle opener, and much much more.

How much do these items cost?
My question, exactly!!!  Apparently these designer items are only available though exclusive boutiques, and the prices and sellers are thus closely guarded secrets.

I checked several dozen promising places online, and at each one I was redirected to either the Maggi Massimo web site form which asked me oodles of questions as to who I was and what my interest was in the pieces, or to a collection of veritable "re-tweets" of a single Blogger article drooling about MM.  There seems to be not one price or list of shops to be had without seemingly passing a security check ( a "how much of our stuff will you sell" check), or at least filling out a form and hoping someone got back to you.  Grr.

At the very least, I think these pieces have some definite steampunk/yesteryear aura to them, and seem to be of high quality.

Architectural Expo Site with MM photos and links
Maggi Mossimo Home Page

The up side?  The massive alcohol bar and wine fridge combo comes with the booze glasses in sets of 6.  Woo!  Enjoy.
~ DS


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