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Monday, January 25, 2010

New Take on the Old Block -- Steampunk Lego Inventions

While having lunch and using the greatest curiosity finder ever, StumbleUpon, I came upon some inventive creations made from Legos: a robot that solves Rubik's Cubes, a dog that fetches a ball (a Lego ball?), and many more.

When I shared this discovery with a friend of mine, he mentioned that Steampunk Legos would be pretty cool, too.
I knew it had been done, but I had to look up some of my favorite steampunk Lego sites again, just because of the sheer creativity people put into their pieces.
To my surprise, I had not shared these wonders with my readers here, which I knew I must remedy at once!

Many of these images hail from an article about steampunk Legos on WebUrbanist. The vehicle in the first photo was created by V&A Steamworks, the company whose special effects made the movies "Independence Day" and "Underworld" so spectacularly seamy.  Here is a link to V&A's public Flickr photo site.

For anyone interested in creating their own Lego/Bionicle masterpieces, check out the 700-member Steampunk Lego group on Flickr; they have discussions on building, where to find parts, and also run contests to choose the best of the best.  Or you might simply view Flickr's steampunk Lego collection for inspiration and enjoyment.

A dedicated Lego site which has a steampunk section is "The Brothers Brick."  It seems to have a good amount of posting activity into the year 2010. There, you can even find a Lego glossary!

I believe these works of art deserve a place in the annals of steampunk despite the mismatch between the Lego world of plastic and the Steampunk world of brass and steam, or perhaps because of it.   Enjoy!

~ DS


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